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Health and Exercise Equipment Patent Announced For Lifespan’s Intelli-Sense(TM) Technology

As a Florida patent attorney, I have a number of clients that innovate in the areas of health, fitness, and exercise equipment. that will find this post of interest.  An exercise equipment patent has been issued to LifeSpan’s Intelli-Sense (TM) Automatic User Sensing Technology – incorporating unique load sensing features. The manufacturer of LifeSpan fitness equipment, PCE Health & Fitness incorporates this feature into its LifeSpan HOME series and PRO series treadmills according to a report in www.send2press.com. Intelli-Sense is an intelligent and radical technology featuring increased treadmill safety and helps in step-based programming. Intelli-Sense(TM) offers its treadmill users extra safety, without worrying about any kind of scuffle. It detects the impact of a

Joint Patenting By Big Three Automakers Enables Steel Parts to Replace Composite Parts In Cars

Joint patenting by the Big Three automakers – General Motors, Ford and Chrysler, has earned them their first joint patent to replace the parts of the car made of lighter-weight plastic composite materials with parts made of steel. According to a New York Times Report this step facilitates the improvement of the fuel economy. The United States Council for Automotive Research had been started last year by the Big Three automakers and according to it, the patent symbolized the first time the automakers had produced an original technology. However, the US Council for Automotive Research further adds that it could take some years before the technology is applied to auto making. According to John Fillion, an engineer for the Chrysler Corporation, at present it is not possible to make one

Internet Patents by IBM Allegedly Infringed by Amazon.com

I As a Florida patent attorney, I find myself regularly following news relating to IBM.  Not only is IBM consistently one of the top 10 patent filers in the U.S., but the birthplace of the P.C. was right here in Boca Raton, Florida.  In fact, IBM’s main complex was just northwest of Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton until they relocated to Research Triangle Park in North Carolina. Internet patents are asserted by IBM claiming patent infringement by Amazon.com.  IBM has charged the e-commerce giant, Amazon with two lawsuits, seeking unspecified damages as reported by www.pcadvisor.co.uk IBM further added that it had tried to resolve the issue outside of court regarding the Internet patents for four years before deciding to sue Amazon. According to the article, Amazon.com d

Software Patents Granted to HNTB for TrueViz(R) Technology

Software patents have been granted to HNTB by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for parts of its TrueViz(R) Transport software system, adding to the list of software patents. According to www.prnewswire.com HNTB has received exclusive rights to technology for the first time and this has been developed for facilitating its engineering and architecture clients’ projects. TrueViz(R) Transport is an interconnected system of procedures and software which increases the interactive visualization for public involvement and design analysis. The code of the software is credited to transform linear point-based data in design output to a chain of mathematically defined surfaces and curves. This simplifies the conversion of design files to 3-D and also brings in more accuracy and needs less time. Consequently, HNTB can

Automotive Patent from Honda Targets Eliminating Harmful Diesel Emissions

Think automotive and automobile patents and Honda Motor is sure to come to mind. Herald Tribune reported that the world’s largest automobile engine maker, Honda is poised to come up with the first diesel car for complying with environmental pollution standards worldwide.  Adding to its list of patented automotive technology, the company is credited for inventing a way to curtail the smog-forming gases. This technology claims to bring about faster acceleration of diesel cars and greater fuel economy. Honda is confident that this all new technology will gain a lot of customers. According to a U.S. patent derived from Bloomberg News, the automaker boasts of a treatment system, which makes the exhaust flow via a plasma reactor or a layer of gas containing electri

Internet Patents From Ideaflood Challenged

Internet Patents in the news again.According to a recent press release from Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) in their official website www.eff.org, they are set to challenge an allegedly improper Internet patent that is threatening small businesses. Ideaflood is a self-declared ‘intellectual property holding company’ that makes use of Internet subdomain patenting against payment from the website hosting companies, which provide personalized and virtual subdomains, such as ‘action.eff.org’ for ‘eff.org’, the parent domain. A reexamination request had been filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (PTO), the result of which revealed by EFF and Rick McLeod of Klarquist Sparkman, LLP, proves that the method Ideaflood boasts of inventing was known prior to the issue of the patent

Jewelry Patent Awarded for Cellular Jewelry By USPTO

Jewelry patents obtained by Cellular Jewelry Inc., a leading provider of cellular solutions and technologies is the latest buzz in the industry according to the company.  Cellular Jewelry (TM) has been granted a U.S. patent (Patent Number 6,954,659) by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). A recent report in www.send2press.com explains that Cellular Jewelry (TM) is more of an alerting device and is known to flash when a signal is received within a distance of 3 feet from a cellular phone. The product line of this company includes Cellular Bracelets (TM), Cellular Pens (TM) and Cellular Watches (TM) and all of these lights up when they are within 3 feet from a ringing cellular device. This is a fabulous merge of technology and fashion. The Cellular Jewelry products have bright LED lights that are de

Patenting Invention of a Computer Algorithm From Ford Can Prevent Car Slipping

Patenting inventions have taken another big leap with the invention of a computer algorithm by the Ford Motor Company.  According to nytimes.com, this computer algorithm for a traction-control system is advanced and is expected to stop a car from spinning its wheels in case a driver steps too hard on the gas. The patent covers a chain of mathematical procedures or an algorithm, which enables a computer process to calculate the slope of the road as well as its friction. Computerized anti-lock brakes are great for preventing a car from sliding into an uncontrollable skid. This patent invention is a more complex system, which is able to analyze the road conditions and can depict whether the wheels of the car will slip. According to Roger May, a patent attorney for Ford, the company is scheduled to intr

Automobile Patent Granted To Camcon For IVA

The automobile patent for an Intelligent Valve Actuation or IVA technology  granted to Camcon Technology was reported in engineeringtalk.com. According to the article in engineeringtalk.com, IVA is supposed to be offering a low-cost, compact, and a low power consumption mechanism, which has the ability to improve the efficiency of engine combustion. The technology will also be increasing the fuel economy and engine performance of the automobiles and will cut down the emissions from the engine. A number of lift positions are compatible in the IVA technology and this in turn allows energy recovery for supporting low power consumption. The low seating velocities provided by the technology also makes sure that there is minimum noise and good durability.  The technology further allows each valve of the engine to be controlled in

Patent Infringement Brought To View With Ericsson Suing Samsung

Patent infringement has once again raised its ugly head with Ericsson filing a lawsuit against Samsung in a Texas court, as reported in www.pcadvisor.co.uk According to Ericsson spokeswoman Kristina Hagg-Blecher, the suit charges Samsung for infringing on the mobile phone patents of Ericsson. In February, Ericsson had filed lawsuits in the UK, US, Germany and the Netherlands following the failure of both companies to agree terms for renewing the patent licenses. For patents related to many mobile phone technologies, Ericsson had initially signed a licensing deal with Samsung back in 2002. According to a spokeswoman for Samsung, the company does not make any comments on the ongoing legal issues. Ericsson and Samsung are not the only mobile companies to fight over patent license renewals; in the past, Nokia and

Advertising Systems Patented By POD Digital Promotions Revolutionizes Advertising

 POD Digital Promotions patents an advertising system in hopes of successfully penetrating target-markets through digital advertising as reported in an article in enewschannels.com.  An integration of print and visual media, the POD advertising system offers the advertisers an extra edge with a unique approach consolidating the best of experience, creativity and technology. The system is particularly designed to provide the clients maximum exposure at a limited budget. This new formula for digital promotion provides the clients with consistent exposure. Basically the POD Advertising Unit is strategically located in high-traffic zones such as shopping malls, hotel lobbies, fitness centers and eateries. The Unit consist a digital screen that plays a full-motion commercial along with

Fishing Patent Helps Anglers To Release The Fish Without Touching

As an avid fisherman and Florida Patent Attorney, I am always interested in patenting news relating to the sport.  In this regard, fishing patents have provided an extra edge to the quick-release fishhook genre.   According to an article at www.freepatentsonline.com this versatile patented equipment seems to be a great asset for the anglers. It elaborates that the manageable fishhook can be operated with one hand – releasing a fish caught on the hook without exposing the hands to the hook or sharp fish teeth. The hook’s shank portion has an interior channel connected to a slotted rear shank portion, which extends obliquely from the rear end of the forward hook shank portion. There is an U-shaped hook member having a sharp tip and locking notch, that are attached to the slot in the

Patenting Business Methods in the News Again

A number of my Florida patenting clients have business patents for innovative marketing methods and other business innovations.  In recent years, business method patents issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) are forced to meet the raised bars of patentability.  NextMark received a patent from USPTO for its series of new techniques the list technology company has invented for choosing mailing lists, as has been reported in an article at www.dmnews.com. In essence, the patent defines a method for generating a highly targeted mailing list of prospective customers for a listed purchaser. It is partly based on productive prospect lists that was earlier used by the list purchaser, current customers of the list purchaser, prospect lists that the related list purchasers used or it might be any combination

Environmental Product Patent Awarded To Industrial Nanotech’s Lead Abatement Coating

Industrial Nanotech, Inc. was awarded an environmental product patent for Nansulate LDX. It is being used at a Pacific US Navy facility by military contractors for encapsulation lead-based paint. The patented invention though relatively small in order, seems to be an epochal breakthrough in Nanotech’s ongoing efforts to gain market share for Nansulate LDX throughout US Government facilities worldwide, as cited in an article in www.specialchem4coatings.com. Nansulate LDX provides an eco-friendly alternative for environmental remediation.        This new water based environmentally safe, lead abatement coating product offers a new technology applicable to any substrate, forming an obstructive coat to seal highly toxic lead paints. Moreover, it is believed

Patenting Medical Techniques On the Rise

In recent years, patenting medical techniques has become a recent trend, with major technological advances attributed as the major contributing factor. According to a recent article on http://www.medgadget.com, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office confirms an increase in medical/surgical method patent applications. They’re not the only ones noting this trend, however. Tresa Baldas of the National Law Journal reports that she, too, has noticed a surge among those in the medical field seeking patents for techniques and not just devices.   I expect this trend will continue, as patenting techniques has significant potential as a return on Investment. Fellow patent attorney Eric Raciti of Cambridge, MA agrees, feeling that method patents are becoming “the bread and butter” of patents in the medical community. I look forward