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8 Floridian Inventors You Need to Watch & Learn From!

Wow! 20 years as a practicing Florida board certified patent attorney has flown by yet I still vividly recall just about every inventor who walked into my patent law firm over the past two decades.

Fort Lauderdale Patent Attorney John Rizvi Selected to Join Florida Bar’s Inaugural Class of Board Certified Intellectual Property Lawyers

Ft. Lauderdale Patent Attorney John Rizvi was selected to join the inaugural class of Florida Board Certified Patent Attorneys approved by the Florida Bar. The Florida Bar is the first state bar in the country to certify attorneys for their expertise in intellectual property law. Board certification evaluates attorneys’ special knowledge, skills and proficiency in various areas of law and professionalism and ethics in practice. John Rizvi was approved as a Fort Lauderdale Patent Attorney for his expertise in the area of patent prosecution. John Rizvi co-founded John Rizvi, P.A., The Idea Attorneys®, South Florida patent attorneys with offices in the Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County, and satellite office locations

Patent Rules Debate and the Worth of an Expert Patent Attorney

Recently, I posted about current changes to patent rules, most notably restrictions on the number of extensions that can be used and limitations on the number of claims that can be made. The debate continues with a preliminary injunction imposed by a U.S. District Court judge in VA, according to an article in today’s Crain’s Detroit Business. Some lawyers feel the rule changes put unnecessary restrictions on the patenting process, while others believe it streamlines the patenting process by reducing the workload of an overburdened USPTO.   More important, perhaps, than the particulars of this scuffle, is the need to choose a patent attorney who works diligently and expertly to craft a patent application that is exceedingly thorough and comprehensive, while still being broad enough to provide the invento

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Me as Your Patent Attorney

Reason No. 1: Because I Teach Patent Law to Other Lawyers and Law Students For the past nine (9) years, I have been an Adjunct Professor at Nova Southeastern University Law School teaching patent, trademark, and copyright law to graduating law students. In addition to being an Adjunct Professor at Nova Law School, I lecture and teach patent and trademark law to other attorneys and members of the South Florida Inventor’s Society and other business groups. Some of my past lecturing experience has been: “Preservation of Legal Rights in Medical Innovations” before the Florida International Medical Exposition (August 2007). 2000 – Present: Adjunct Professor, Nova University, Shepard Broad Law Center, teaching annual International Practice Clinic on Intellectual Property Law including patent, trademark, and copyright