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Florida Chain Store Kash & Karry to Stock Bag Carrying Tool

According to an article in The Journal News, Mark Eichenbaum had previously struggled to assist his grandmother haul groceries from the car to her apartment.  He then hit upon a good idea. Last year, he set about turning his idea into a reality.  Presently, his invention is hitting the stores, and he is about to quit his job as a longtime car salesman. Eichenbaum invented the Baggler – an ergonomic handle with hooks that makes carrying plastic bags a lot less cumbersome.  Daniel Becker, store owner and manager of the Jefferson Valley Pharmacy, said he almost sold out of the 24 packages he started with a few weeks ago.  They retail for $4.99.  Eichenbaum came up with the idea five years ago when taking his grandmother grocery shopping.  She would get very frustrated with all