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8 Floridian Inventors You Need to Watch & Learn From!

Wow! 20 years as a practicing Florida board certified patent attorney has flown by yet I still vividly recall just about every inventor who walked into my patent law firm over the past two decades.

Join me at the Florida International Medical Exposition

As a Fort Lauderdale Patent Attorney, I have been fortunate enough to have attended all of the past several FIME medical expositions.    If you are a medical or dental device innovator, this is one tradeshow you DO NOT want to miss.  It will take place from August 12 – 15, 2009, at the Miami Beach Convention Center.  With over 20,000 professionals from the industry in attendance, you will be in very good company. If you do attend, please join me on Thursday, August 13, 2009, at the Florida International Medical Exposition where I will deliver a presentation entitled: Preservation of Legal Rights in Medical Innovations Thursday, August 13, 2009, 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Miami Beach Convention Center More information about FIME 2009 is available at www.fimeshow.com with a full schedule of seminars and educational presentations at www.edufime.com.

Miramar, Florida Patent Holder Sues Petco for Patent Infringement

As a Fort Lauderdale Patent Attorney, I closely follow patent litigation trends and news stories that are relevant to readers of this blog.  In this regard, a recent patent lawsuit brought against Petco by Applica Consumer Products, Inc. of Miramar, Florida is of interest. The Miramar Florida Patentee alleges that Petco Stores import and sell various pet productts under the brand names "ScoopFree" and "SmartScoop" that infringe their rights to a patented automatic self-cleaning cat litter box that they sell under the Littermaid mark.  For more information on this recently filed case, go here.

University of Central Florida Patents Liquid Zoom Lenses for Digital Cameras

As a Florida Patent Attorney, I have a number of friends (and a sister) that went to the University of Central Florida and find patenting news relating to the school of special interest.  As recently reported, the University of Central Florida patents specially designed zoom lenses for digital cameras that replicate the working of the human eye according to UCF News and Information.  At least five Florida patents filed by Florida patent attorneys for the University, have been granted to the University and the technology is licensed to a manufacturing company, Holochip Corp., based in Alburquerque, New Mexico. The complete article is available here and reproduced below in the event that the link changes or is broken: The University of Central Florida has signed a licensing agreement with Holochip Corp. for a portfolio of technologies that will allow zoom lenses, such as those used in digital cameras and camera phones, to be manufactured at a dramatically smaller

Florida Medical and Dental Device Patenting News

As a Florida patent attorney with an interest in medical and dental device patents, I try to keep an ear to the ground on new patenting and industry developments in Florida that are relevant to my practice of intellectual property law.  The potential increase in Florida’s medical patent and dental patenting activity is one such development. In a recent post in the BioHealth Investor, Florida is touted as one of the country’s next biotech hubs. According to the article, it all began when the Scripps Research Institute accepted a proposal for $500 million in financing to establish a biotech research hub in the state on the western fringes of Palm Beach County.  Although Scripps has focused a lot of attention on Florida’s life science industry, there is much to Florida’s medical and dental manufacturing industry that is unrelated to Scripps. I ran across an interesting article at Southern Business & Development Magazine that c

Disney’s Intellectual Property Rights Infringed by Chinese Theme Park

As a Florida patent attorney with 3 kids dragging me to Orlando regularly to visit Mickey, I found this AP News Alert of special interest.  The Shijingshan Amusement Park in Beijing, China, is having to explain why their round-eared mouse dancing with kids is not a knock off of Disney’s Mickey Mouse according to an AP News Alert issued Wednesday, May 9, 2007.  According to the article, they also happen to have a "raven-haired" woman with seven men in elf suits. Many see the Beijing theme park as evidence of rampant Chinese copying of U.S. intellectual property.  According to the article, the industry group – International Intellectual Property Alliance – estimated losses to Chinese piracy of books, films, music and software last year at $2.2 billion.  Beijing has penalties for violators of patents, trademarks, copyrights, and other intellectual property but infringement is allegedly growiing faster than enforcement.

Florida Patent Holder, Every Penny Counts, Inc., Sues Bank of America for Patent Infringement in Federal District Court in the Middle District of Florida

Florida patent holder and intellectual property company, Every Penny Counts, Inc., has sued Bank of America for patent infringement in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida.  As a Florida patent attorney, I find this case of particular interest. Every Penny Counts, Inc. is the owner of U.S. Patent No. 6,112,191 which describes a business method patent focusing on a savings/investing/donating program in its patent issued in August, 2000. This case is just one more in a series of high profile patent infringement actions filed recently that illustrate the importance of securing patents for new business methods.  Patents are not just for "widgets" anymore.  According to a quote in Businessweek: "In October, 2005, Bank of America brought out a radically different product that broke the paradigm. It’s called ‘Keep the Change.’ The concept solves a critical banking problem — how to get consumers to open n

Boca Raton, Florida Patent Holder Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against InfoUSA, Inc.

Florida: Boca Raton Patent Holder Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against InfoUSA, Inc. Boca Raton patent holder, Perfect Web Technologies, Inc. filed a patent infringement lawsuit against infoUSA, Inc. of Omaha , NE in the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida according to a press release I received today.  The infringement lawsuit seeks damages and an injunction against further infringement. The patent asserted in the lawsuit is U.S. Patent No. 6,631,400 entitled "METHOD FOR MANAGING BULK E-MAIL DISTRIBUTION" and protects key elements of processes used in the e-mail marketing and management industry. A copy of the patent infringement complaint is available online. The complete press release follows below: INFOUSA SUED for Patent Infringement Boca Raton, FL March 29, 2007 — Perfect Web Technologies, Inc. (Pink Sheets: PWBI) filed a patent infringement action against infoUSA, Inc. (NASDAQ:IUSA) of Omaha , NE in the US District Court for

Clearwater, Florida Biotech Manufacturer Faces Patent Infringement Lawsuit

From the perspective of a Florida patent attorney, patent infringement litigation within Florida is always of special interest.  Recently, clearwater, Florida based biotech manufacturer, BioQuate, Inc., has been sued for patent infringement by Pall Corporation according to a press release on Pall Corporation’s website this morning. The suit alleges that BioQuate is manufacturing and selling disposable aseptic connector devices (see image to the left) that infringe on a patent on Pall’s Kleenpak ( trademark ) aseptic connector and seeks damages and an injunction preventing BioQuate from selling the infringing product. The patent infringement lawsuit against Clearwater, Florida based BioQuate, Inc. has been filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. According to Pall Corporation’s website, its business has been organized into segments: life sciences and industrial and they provide products relating to biotechnology, pha

Upcoming Florida Patenting Explosion in the Biotechnology Arena?

As a Florida patent attorney, I try to keep an ear to the ground on new developments in Florida that are relevant to my practice of intellectual property in the state.  The potential increase in Florida’s biotech patenting activity is one such development. In a recent post in the BioHealth Investor, Florida is touted as one of the country’s next biotech hubs. According to the article, it all began when the Scripps Research Institute accepted a proposal for $500 million in financing to establish a biotech research hub in the state on the western fringes of Palm Beach County. After encountering some problems with environmental groups, Scripps made a decision to move their research center to Jupiter, Florida just north of West Palm Beach, Florida, one of Florida Atlantic University’s campuses. Several other research centers have followed including the Torrey Pines Inititute for Molecular Studies, Burnham Institute for Medical Research, SRI International, a

Yet Another Florida Patent Infringement Suit Makes Headlines

In an article reprinted in the Orlando Sentinel, Phil Milford of Bloomberg News reports a patent infringement suit has been filed against  Walt Disney, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, and other theme-park operators for allegedly infringing patents on magnetic brakes used on roller coasters.  Florida patent attorneys should find the complete article of interest: Disney, GE, others face patent suit General Electric Co.’s NBC Universal Inc., Walt Disney Co. and three other U.S. theme-park operators were accused of infringing patents on magnetic brakes used on roller coasters.   Safety Braking Corp., based in Newport Beach, Calif., claims the companies infringed patents won in 1994 and 2003. The defendants also include Busch Entertainment Corp., Six Flags Inc. and Cedar Fair LP.   Safety Braking holds exclusive licenses to the patents, one from Magnetar Technologies Corp., based in Seal Beach, California, and the other from G&T Conveyor Co., based

Fort Lauderdale Based Diabetes Testing Product Manufacturer, Home Diagnostics, Inc. Successfully Defends Against Patent Infringement Litigation

As a Fort Lauderdale patent attorney, I closely follow patenting news relating to the medical device industry as we have several clients in this technology group.  Of particular interest is new patent infringment cases filed and their successful resolutions.  In this regard, I recently came across a press release by Ft. Lauderdale diabetes testing equipment and supply manufacturer, Home Diagnostics, Inc. regarding a summary judgment in their favor for non-infringement of patents held by Roche Diagnostics Corporation. The case was filed in the United States District Court, Southern District of Indiana and a link to the full press release by the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida company’s website can be accessed by clicking here.

Florida Technology Companies Showcase Home Technologies at Electronic House Expo in Orlando, Florida

Interesting read from BusinessWire for those active in Florida’s home innovation industry.  The complete article follows below: ARLINGTON, Va., BUSINESSWIRE — More than 45 Florida-based technology companies will showcase their latest home technology products at the Electronic House Expo (EHX) Spring 2007. Sponsored by the Consumer Electronics Association’s TechHome Division, the show runs March 8-10 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Named by Tradeshow Week magazine as one of the fastest growing tradeshows in America, EHX introduces the latest technologies, products and market trends in the custom electronics industry to a growing number of attendees each year. This March, EHX will draw more than 11,000 industry professionals from across the custom electronics world and showcase more than 325 exhibitors, conference sessions and full-day educational boot camps. EHX Spring 2007 is gearing up to be the largest in show history and a must-see

Florida Patent Holder Urges Patent Office to Lift Secrecy Ban on Their New Inventions

Secrecy News reports that a Florida company names Space Propulstion Systems, Inc. announced recently that it had peitioned the U.S. Government to lift a secrecy ban that has been imposed on two of its rocket propellant concepts. The government may restrict the publication and dissemination of information regarding new inventions under the Invention Secrecy Act of 1951, if their disclosure could be "detrimental to the national security." There were 4942 invention secrecy orders in effect at the end of fiscal year 2006, according to statistics obtained by Secrecy News from the United States Patent & Trademark Office.  In fiscal year 2006, there werre 108 new orders imposed, while 81 existing orders were rescinded. Usually, it is difficult if not impossible to determine which patents and patent applications were subject to invention secrecy orders which have been rescinded, but in this particular case, the applicant has identified itself.

Florida Chain Store Kash & Karry to Stock Bag Carrying Tool

According to an article in The Journal News, Mark Eichenbaum had previously struggled to assist his grandmother haul groceries from the car to her apartment.  He then hit upon a good idea. Last year, he set about turning his idea into a reality.  Presently, his invention is hitting the stores, and he is about to quit his job as a longtime car salesman. Eichenbaum invented the Baggler – an ergonomic handle with hooks that makes carrying plastic bags a lot less cumbersome.  Daniel Becker, store owner and manager of the Jefferson Valley Pharmacy, said he almost sold out of the 24 packages he started with a few weeks ago.  They retail for $4.99.  Eichenbaum came up with the idea five years ago when taking his grandmother grocery shopping.  She would get very frustrated with all the plastic bags that were flimsy and ripped.  He went home and came up with an idea that he sketched and put away.  However, a year ago on […]