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Inventor Success Story: Video Interview With Founder of Versifloat

Versifloat founder and inventor, Gerard D’Offay came up with his idea in 2006 before seeking out my help to protect his intellectual property : “I sought out Prof. John Rizvi to help me patent my inflatable docking system. As I have grown my operations over the years John has helped me obtain four additional annexes to my original patent, giving me powerful, robust intellectual property protection.” Finding a suitable floating work platform has always been an issue for crew and Gerard’s invention offers an effective solution to just about every marine professional’s needs. You can find out more about the Versifloat story on ThePatentProfessor.com.

Comparing Florida Patent Case Timetables

  How do patent cases in Florida compare to the rest of the nation in terms of time from filing to decision?   Well, a lot depends upon whether the case seeks a bench trial or a jury trial as patent cases terminated by bench trials take much longer than cases terminated by jury trials.   According to LegalMetric, LLC, the average patent bench trial nationwide took 37.8 months compared to 27.1 months for a jury trial.   Here is how the numbers looked for patent cases in Florida:   Northern District of Florida 31.1 Months for bench trials; no data available on jury trials   Middle District of Florida 31.9 months for bench trials; 21.3 months for jury trials.   Southern District of Florida 34.3 months for bench trials; 34.8 months for jury trials.   Interestingly enough, trademark cases nationwide showed