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University of Central Florida Patents Liquid Zoom Lenses for Digital Cameras

As a Florida Patent Attorney, I have a number of friends (and a sister) that went to the University of Central Florida and find patenting news relating to the school of special interest.  As recently reported, the University of Central Florida patents specially designed zoom lenses for digital cameras that replicate the working of the human eye according to UCF News and Information.  At least five Florida patents filed by Florida patent attorneys for the University, have been granted to the University and the technology is licensed to a manufacturing company, Holochip Corp., based in Alburquerque, New Mexico. The complete article is available here and reproduced below in the event that the link changes or is broken: The University of Central Florida has signed a licensing agreement with Holochip Corp. for a portfolio of technologies that will allow zoom lenses, such as those used in digital cameras and camera phones, to be manufactured at a dramatically smaller