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Patenting Medical Techniques On the Rise

In recent years, patenting medical techniques has become a recent trend, with major technological advances attributed as the major contributing factor. According to a recent article on http://www.medgadget.com, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office confirms an increase in medical/surgical method patent applications. They’re not the only ones noting this trend, however. Tresa Baldas of the National Law Journal reports that she, too, has noticed a surge among those in the medical field seeking patents for techniques and not just devices.   I expect this trend will continue, as patenting techniques has significant potential as a return on Investment. Fellow patent attorney Eric Raciti of Cambridge, MA agrees, feeling that method patents are becoming “the bread and butter” of patents in the medical community. I look forward

Medical Technology Patent Litigation Solved By Alma Lasers

Medical technology patent litigation between Palomar Medical Technologies and Alma Lasers has been resolved. According to an article in send2press.com, Palomar is equipped with an exclusive license for hair removal patents in U.S, which are owned by General Hospital Corporation in Boston, Massachusetts. Depending on the license agreement terms, Alma Lasers was provided a nonexclusive license by MGH and Palomar. The terms are in comparison to those that have been agreed to by other licensees of these particular patents. The patents also include medical aesthetic device companies, like Cutera and Cynosure. After a period of nine years, Alma Lasers will be paying a 7.5% on-going royalty rate to Palomar on the hair removal products. Alma has also agreed to some trade dress concessions, which includes the Aria and Harmony produc

Medical Product Patent From Veridien Presents Its Viraguard Series Of Ready-To-Use Antimicrobials And Disinfectants

A medical patent by Veridien Corporation has brought forth the next generation of its patented Viraguard chain of ready-to-use disinfectants and antimicrobials for dental, medical and institutional markets. According to an article in send2press.com, Viraguard that has been introduced about a decade ago is known to offer a highly effective and environmentally compatible solution for disinfecting hard nonliving surfaces. This is done under Viraguard’s EPA disinfectant registration. It is also famous as a safe and effective hand sanitizer and as an OTC antimicrobial product under its FDA drug listing. The formulation of the patented Viraguard makes use of Isopropanol (Isopropyl Alcohol) in its best concentration, which is combined with other ingredients. This

Ionic Silver Complex Technology Achieving Multi-Country Patents

In the last century, we’ve witnessed colloidal silver and silver nitrate being used extensively in the medical field. Invision International plans to capitalize on this and has obtained a U.S. Patent for their "Ionic Silver Complex" technology according to an article at send2press.com. Invision International is a pioneer in the field of ionic silver use in humans and has patented the technology in New Zealand and Australia. Additionally, patents are pending in Japan and Europe.   Jay Newman, President of Invision International says that the patented technology symbolizes a giant leap in the internal delivery of silver ions within the human body.  He further adds that citrate is the perfect carrier for the effective delivery of silver ions for human use, and that is why it has been chosen as an

Patented Red E. Bag Aids the Nausea Prone

For those susceptible to vomiting, the newly patented Red E. Bag provides discreet relief. Stylish, small, and designed to look like a small clutch handbag, travelers, pregnant women, and cancer patients have found comfort in Red E. Bag when the unavoidable happens. According to an article at send2press.com, it features a removable black plastic liner, which opens wide and can hold up to a half gallon of liquid. Additionally, there is a zippered pocket on the front for tissues and mints.   Inventors Jodi and Jim Carr of As We Grow, LLC. announced they will donate ten percent of its October  retail sales to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.