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Medical Technology Patent Litigation Solved By Alma Lasers

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11d almaMedical technology patent litigation between Palomar Medical Technologies and Alma Lasers has been resolved. According to an article in send2press.com, Palomar is equipped with an exclusive license for hair removal patents in U.S, which are owned by General Hospital Corporation in Boston, Massachusetts.

Depending on the license agreement terms, Alma Lasers was provided a nonexclusive license by MGH and Palomar. The terms are in comparison to those that have been agreed to by other licensees of these particular patents. The patents also include medical aesthetic device companies, like Cutera and Cynosure.

After a period of nine years, Alma Lasers will be paying a 7.5% on-going royalty rate to Palomar on the hair removal products. Alma has also agreed to some trade dress concessions, which includes the Aria and Harmony product lines that are scheduled to be implemented over the next six months. Alma is however, certain that these trade dress modifications will be making a minimum impact on the company business strategy. It is also sure that there will be no hindrance to the present as well as future product development.

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