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Patented Ice Fishing Bucket For Transporting And Organizing Ice Fishing Rods

The ice-fishing bucket invented by Gene Persinger has received United States Patent No. 6,364,150. According to an article in freepatentsonline.com, this bucket works well for organizing as well as transporting ice fishing rods and tackle. The invention includes a plastic bucket that has a removable lid, which has a large hole cut into it as well as a foam ring fitted around the inner boundary of the hole. There are slits along the inner circumference of the foam ring that cuts radially for securing the fishing rods. Into the bottom of the ice fishing bucket, there is a foam disk with holes, which receive the handle ends of ice fishing rods. The holes are made maintaining a vertical alignment with the slits that are made in the foam ring above. For organizing the ice fishing rods, the handle of the rods ar

10-Year-Old Boy Gets Patent For His “In-Tank Feeder Fish Dispenser”

A patent has been obtained by a 10-year-old boy for his invention of a device used for dispensing live feeder-guppies to predatory fish kept in aquariums. As reported in an article in www.practical fishkeeping.co.uk, the boy, Evan Loginov was issued the patent number 7,059,270 from the US Patent and Trademark Office, for the purpose of a gadget he formulated for his school’s invention fair. The boy’s invention, the "in-tank feeder-fish dispenser" contains the live feeder-fish in a small chamber, which at times keep dispensing them, so that the other fish could chase them around and finally eat them. The benefit of the invention is that the aquarium owner just needs to release a small door containing the small fish during the feeding time. The small fish is let out, but the big fish cannot get in

Fishing Patent Issued For Unique Designs by Hook & Tackle

As a Fort lauderdale, Florida Florida patent attorney, I have secured a number of fishing patents for clients focusing on lures, tackle, and other accessories.  A recent article is of interest, however, as it discusses well known manufacturer, Hook & Tackle, and their patented fishing apparel.   Fishing patents for Hook & Tackle’s Air/X design system were recently issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  According to an article in www.landbigfish.com, one of the prime American outfitters, Hook & Tackle is best known for its nautical authentic outdoor and sport fishing apparel. The patented fishing accessories from the company offer exclusive designs for recreational and pro fishermen. Noticeably, the company hosts a technical gear collection that is designe

Fishing Equipment Patents For Fly Fishing Vests

Fishing equipment patents such as the convertible fly fishing vest have considerable importance in the fishing world. According to an article in freepatentsonline.com the attributes of fly fishing patents have been carefully tailored to meet the practical requirements of sport fishing.  The patented vest comprises a mesh panel which forms the rear part of the vest that has a removable rear panel covering the whole mesh panel. The upper edge of the rear panel has been split from the vest. Moreover, the side panel portions are detached from the vest.     The rear panel is furled into an unfastened pocket from which it extends and an edge of the rear panel is anchored with the pocket. The rear panel in the pocket extends laterally across the rear when placed appropriately and the pocket is zippered.&nbs

Fishing Patent Helps Anglers To Release The Fish Without Touching

As an avid fisherman and Florida Patent Attorney, I am always interested in patenting news relating to the sport.  In this regard, fishing patents have provided an extra edge to the quick-release fishhook genre.   According to an article at www.freepatentsonline.com this versatile patented equipment seems to be a great asset for the anglers. It elaborates that the manageable fishhook can be operated with one hand – releasing a fish caught on the hook without exposing the hands to the hook or sharp fish teeth. The hook’s shank portion has an interior channel connected to a slotted rear shank portion, which extends obliquely from the rear end of the forward hook shank portion. There is an U-shaped hook member having a sharp tip and locking notch, that are attached to the slot in the

Fishing Patent Awarded To Legend Ice Rods

As a Florida patent lawyer and avid fisherman, I enjoy following new news relating to the industry.  In this regard, a new fishing patent has been awarded to St. Croix’s Legend. The U.S. patented St. Croix’s Legend ice rods features an ultra-sensitive spring built-in indicator system as confirmed in an article in www.stcroixrods.com. The system built out of durable, high-tension stainless steel plated with 24K gold is attached to the tip top of the rod. This indicator allows the anglers to see the slightest knock or bite much in advance before it is actually felt.  The ice rod is available in a range of five models from medium-heavy to ultra-light. In addition, there are three spring indicators – light, medium and medium-heavy. The indicators can be effortlessly interchanged by switching from light

Fishing Patent from Hardy Presents Rods And Reels To Suit Consumer Preferences

As a Florida patent attorney, I have a number of clients with an interest in patenting fishing equipment and supplies.  Another fishing patent from Hardy Rods & Reels has resulted in an every growing emergence of a range of rods and reels that are suitable for all circumstances and every kind of fishing.  According to an article in yagersflies.com, the consumer has the privilege of tailoring their choices to go with their personal preferences for line weight, rod length, rod price and action. No matter what rod the consumer chooses, he/she will be assured of the fact that the products have been hand made to the highest standards. The company has also come up with an Original User Unconditional Lifetime Warranty, placed on all the Graphite Fly Rods and their entire series of Fly Reels.

The Auger Buddy Fishing Equipment Patent Is Still Pending

If you’re an ice fisherman, the patent pending Auger Buddy may make your fishing trips easier. The inventors of the Auger Buddy have recently reached the patent pending stage for their lightweight, hand-operated sled, which transports the power auger and other ice fishing equipment across ice and snow. An article at www.pr.com touts the Auger Buddy as a hassle-free solution for carrying equipment and tackle to and from fishing holes. It’s convenient, and it also gives fisherman more time to fish and less time lugging.   You’ll see that many new inventions capitalize on convenience and work to give people more time. In this time-pressed culture, we need all the extra moments we can get.