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Patented Ice Fishing Bucket For Transporting And Organizing Ice Fishing Rods

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Ice Fishing BucketThe ice-fishing bucket invented by Gene Persinger has received United States Patent No. 6,364,150. According to an article in freepatentsonline.com, this bucket works well for organizing as well as transporting ice fishing rods and tackle. The invention includes a plastic bucket that has a removable lid, which has a large hole cut into it as well as a foam ring fitted around the inner boundary of the hole.

There are slits along the inner circumference of the foam ring that cuts radially for securing the fishing rods. Into the bottom of the ice fishing bucket, there is a foam disk with holes, which receive the handle ends of ice fishing rods. The holes are made maintaining a vertical alignment with the slits that are made in the foam ring above.

For organizing the ice fishing rods, the handle of the rods are placed in the foam disk holes and the rod is then pushed into the corresponding slit on the bucket lid’s foam ring. The fishing rods are held in place due to the friction between the slits and the rods. There are also provisions for keeping lures and tackle in the center of the bucket.

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