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Patenting Security Products By Corporate Safe Specialists

As a Florida patent lawyer, I make it a point to attend the JPMA annual tradeshow in Orlando, Florida regarding infant and baby products.  A number of Florida clients also attend this show and have an interest in emerging concepts like the Safety Bumper Pad. This patented concept was invented by a mother, Terry Lyons, while working out a method that could furnish greater crib safety to her children, as has been referred in an article in www.freepatentauction.com. This product is known to offer greater safety features than most of the standard bumper pads available in the market and prevents potential hazards such as loose pads and ripped ties.      The Safety Bumper Pad comprises interlocking outer pad straps that help to get rid of bumper pad ties, resulting in a safer and more reliable pr

Patent Granted To Automated Illumination Device That Lights Up Items On Or Near It

According to an article in www.findthatpatent.com a US patent has been granted to a portable, automated illumination device that helps the illumination of an item that is stored near or on the device. The inventors, Kerri E. Hanis (Chesterfield, MO), Lawrence R. Happ (Mundelein, IL) and Mark Hanis (Chesterfield, MO) have come up with the device that illuminates items like drinking cups, eyeglasses and other household items. The device has a sensor that detects the presence of an object and a light source, which lights up when the sensor succeeds in the detection of such an object. The object is illuminated for a certain time span, following which the device needs to be reset to trigger the subsequent motion, other stimuli or heat that is detectable by the sensor. Apart from the sensor, the illuminati

Safe Access Near or Far with Patented Remote Access

Corporate Safe Specialists (CSS) are helping to protect our goods with their patented electronic safe locking mechanism. Send2press.com details CSS’s invention, which involves using a computer to operate an electronic safe lock via a series of electronic signals. This gives users control of their safe even from a remote location. According to President of CSS, Ed McGunn, "This technology will dramatically increase control over safe input and output both onsite and remotely.” It’s also convenient, a big driver in patented innovations these days.