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Patent Granted To Automated Illumination Device That Lights Up Items On Or Near It

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Automated Illumination DeviceAccording to an article in www.findthatpatent.com a US patent has been granted to a portable, automated illumination device that helps the illumination of an item that is stored near or on the device. The inventors, Kerri E. Hanis (Chesterfield, MO), Lawrence R. Happ (Mundelein, IL) and Mark Hanis (Chesterfield, MO) have come up with the device that illuminates items like drinking cups, eyeglasses and other household items.

The device has a sensor that detects the presence of an object and a light source, which lights up when the sensor succeeds in the detection of such an object. The object is illuminated for a certain time span, following which the device needs to be reset to trigger the subsequent motion, other stimuli or heat that is detectable by the sensor.

Apart from the sensor, the illumination device consists a top section platform that has a nearly vertical sloped edge for retaining items. The device can receive and store useful household articles and is extremely convenient for use in darkened spaces.

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