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Patenting Infant Safety Products: Safety Bumper Pad

As a Florida patent lawyer, I make it a point to attend the JPMA annual tradeshow in Orlando, Florida regarding infant and baby products.  A number of Florida clients also attend this show and have an interest in emerging concepts like the Safety Bumper Pad. This patented concept was invented by a mother, Terry Lyons, while working out a method that could furnish greater crib safety to her children, as has been referred in an article in www.freepatentauction.com. This product is known to offer greater safety features than most of the standard bumper pads available in the market and prevents potential hazards such as loose pads and ripped ties.      The Safety Bumper Pad comprises interlocking outer pad straps that help to get rid of bumper pad ties, resulting in a safer and more reliable product.

Baby Product Patents – The New Trend in an Old Industry

Baby and Infant product patents are, once again, the talk of this industrial sector.  According to a recent feature in www.send2press.com, Steelcore has inaugurated its recently patented security straps for children below the age of fourteen. It has been observed by the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control that drowning records the second amongst most of the mishaps occurring upon kids. The recent innovation of the Steelcore includes a very tough steel-encased net material along with aircraft aluminum buckles carrying stainless steel locks that prevent children from falling victims to even minor accidents. However, the equipments of the cover straps take the minimal time for setting itself in a spa or a hot tub. Unlike any other standard spa cover it is far more durable and strong in its texture and promis

Patented Baby Products – Launching of Dana Undies, Inc.

Patented Baby products is the new fashion update of children’s underwear manufacturer, Dana Undies, Inc.  According to an article in www.send2press.com, the giant manufacturer’s creation of some exclusive and patented designer wear, namely, "Umbilicare" and "Flip-Lock Closure" can now be availed by logging on www.BabiesRUs.com. The patented Umbilicare Bodysuit has been suitably designed for the just-born babies, still attached with their roots. This special bodysuit has a cut around the umbilical cord that allows the area to dry, well-keeping the comfort of the cherubim. The Flip-Lock Closure Bodysuit, on the other hand, provides the easiest mean of dressing the baby at frequent intervals with its soft Velcro closure. The soft cotton material of the dresses makes them the must-haves for all tho

Patent Pending Baby Products from Fleece Matches a Baby’s Need for Softness and Care

Patent pending baby products by Fleece Baby Fitted Sheets has brought baby sheets that are luxuriously soft.  It has become the baby’s favorite blanket according to the company. The sheets have deep pockets and have elastic for safety all the way round. The sheets are appropriately sized for suitably fitting the toddler beds and cribs. The sheets come in happy colors like blue, white, pink and yellow. According to an article in mominventors.com, the safety sheets are being made from 100% polyester anti-pill polar fleece, which means that they do not shrink even after repeated washing. Fleece fabric is actually a non-inflammable, stain resistant and breathable material that is safe for the babies. The tactile baby sheets enable the baby to sleep for a longer time, as they are softer t

Pediwear Gets High Marks with Patent Pending Baby Footwear

Just when you thought there couldn’t be anything new in babies’ footwear, Pediped has achieved patent pending status with a design patent that will cover 30 exclusive, attractive baby shoe designs. Kiddystyle.com touts the near patented footwear as a unique combination of quality, comfort, and style. The premium-grade leather used in the shoes comes with two layers of leather on the soles, along with a foam cushion, which offers special protection to a baby’s feet. The shoes are hand-stitched around the soles to ensure proper ventilation, and it also guarantees endurance to help the shoes survive the toughest of wear and tear.   Pediatrician’s recommend Pediped footwear for their soft, cushioned leather soles and velcro fasteners, which are ideal for little ones just learning to walk and are app

Patented SIDS Alert to Keep Babies Safe

Keeping babies safe is paramount for parents, and the newly patented SIDS Alert alarm is likely to assuage parental concerns over their sleeping infants. Sudden Infant Death Syndrom affects approximately 2,500 U.S. families annually, with the American Association of Pediatricians long recommending that babies sleep on their backs. SIDS Alert makes parents aware when their infants roll onto their stomachs, consequently putting them at risk for SIDS. As described at www.send2press.com, SIDS Alert patents a two-part system including a minuature transmitter secures to baby’s diaper without causing discomfort and a small parent receiver that can be either worn using a lanyard or clipped onto a belt. It emits an alarm when babies roll onto their stomachs.