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Patent Pending Baby Products from Fleece Matches a Baby’s Need for Softness and Care

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9h fleece babyPatent pending baby products by Fleece Baby Fitted Sheets has brought baby sheets that are luxuriously soft.  It has become the baby’s favorite blanket according to the company. The sheets have deep pockets and have elastic for safety all the way round. The sheets are appropriately sized for suitably fitting the toddler beds and cribs. The sheets come in happy colors like blue, white, pink and yellow.

According to an article in mominventors.com, the safety sheets are being made from 100% polyester anti-pill polar fleece, which means that they do not shrink even after repeated washing. Fleece fabric is actually a non-inflammable, stain resistant and breathable material that is safe for the babies. The tactile baby sheets enable the baby to sleep for a longer time, as they are softer than the conventional cotton crib sheets. The fabric appears to be warm, soft and tactile for the baby.

The natural wicking effect of the fabric helps to keep the moisture away from the baby – this prevents as well as cures skin rashes like eczema.

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