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Health and Exercise Equipment Patent Announced For Lifespan’s Intelli-Sense(TM) Technology

As a Florida patent attorney, I have a number of clients that innovate in the areas of health, fitness, and exercise equipment. that will find this post of interest.  An exercise equipment patent has been issued to LifeSpan’s Intelli-Sense (TM) Automatic User Sensing Technology – incorporating unique load sensing features. The manufacturer of LifeSpan fitness equipment, PCE Health & Fitness incorporates this feature into its LifeSpan HOME series and PRO series treadmills according to a report in www.send2press.com. Intelli-Sense is an intelligent and radical technology featuring increased treadmill safety and helps in step-based programming. Intelli-Sense(TM) offers its treadmill users extra safety, without worrying about any kind of scuffle. It detects the impact of a

US Patent For A Rowing Exercise Machine With Effective Resistance Mechanism

Mark C. Termion (Winfield, IL), Zhi Lu (West Dundee, IL), Eric C. White (Streamwood, IL) and Douglas B. MacDonald (Des Plaines, IL) have emerged with a simple and effective rowing exercise machine, which has been awarded the US Patent 7,226,397 recently. According to anarticle in www.findthatpatent.com, the rowing exercise machine has a simple effective resistance mechanism, which replaces the resistive brakes typically used in the prior art. The resistance mechanism of the machine consists a first coupling between the first and second spaced disks, which prevent rotation with the help of a resiliently deformable as well as a tensionable spiral in between. The second coupling of the device comes between one of the disks and a user handle for resisting the concordant movement of the user on a seat along a tr

Sports Goods Patent Proves Crucial For Innovative Smartknitactive Athletic Socks

Securing sporting goods patents is an essential business strategy for SmartKnitACTIVE Athletic Socks. The socks are a great relief for athletes, helping prevention of blisters, controlling foot odor and reducing moisture as per an article released in www.send2press.com. Patented SmartKnitACTIVE socks come with one of the most innovative designs that eliminate all the damaging ridges, seams and especially blister-causing pressure points. It offers a perfectly unseamed and form-fitting design that prevents blisters. During the performances, the athlete’s feet sweats and are damped. The moisture in the socks causes blister-causing friction, odor and bacterial infection. The SmartKnitACTIVE socks have CoolMax (R) high-tech moisture wicking fibers that help to absorb moisture and ensure that the

Patented Exercise Bike For The Elderly And The Weak

A motorized exercise bike invented by David H. (Lawrenceville, GA) has been granted US Patent 6,220,991. According to an article released in www.findthatpatent.com, the patented exercise bicycle is equipped with an electric motor has been designed for the elderly, infirm and the physically disabled. The exercising bicycle has “automatically reciprocating handlebars” and comes with a frame that has a fan blade type wheel attached onto it. The wheel has a pedal assembly linked to it, which enables the rotation of the pedal that eventually leads to the rotation of the wheel. The invention brings forth an exercise bicycle, which has an electric motor assembly for automatically enabling the rotation of a pedal assembly. A physically challenged person would be able to have a light, assisted workout with this motorized e