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Patented Exercise Bike For The Elderly And The Weak

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Exercise BikeA motorized exercise bike invented by David H. (Lawrenceville, GA) has been granted US Patent 6,220,991. According to an article released in www.findthatpatent.com, the patented exercise bicycle is equipped with an electric motor has been designed for the elderly, infirm and the physically disabled.

The exercising bicycle has “automatically reciprocating handlebars” and comes with a frame that has a fan blade type wheel attached onto it. The wheel has a pedal assembly linked to it, which enables the rotation of the pedal that eventually leads to the rotation of the wheel. The invention brings forth an exercise bicycle, which has an electric motor assembly for automatically enabling the rotation of a pedal assembly.

A physically challenged person would be able to have a light, assisted workout with this motorized exercise bike. This patented motorized fitness equipment would help the weak patients with controlled workout without stressing the muscles beyond limits.

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