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Patent Violation Charges Against Vonage

Patent violation by VoIP service provider Vonage took a hit from Federal court, which declared that Vonage has violated seven patents held by wireless phone carrier Sprint Nextel as mentioned in an article in arstechnica.com. It follows a similar jury verdict against the company in March, in which Verizon successfully recovered for damages caused due to violation of patent. The ruling comes as a huge financial burden for Vonage. The damages of $69.5 million charged to Vonage represents an estimated one third of Vonage’s entire market capitalization. In addition, Vonage was charged a 5 % royalty on all future Vonage revenues. This is undoubtedly a shocking experience for the company, which suffered losses since its existence, and currently does not have enough cash on hand to last a year at the rate of current losses. An analysis by  Ar

Business Method Patent to Allow Payers to Pay For Goods and Services Through SMS

Google Inc. has a newly patented business method that allows users to pay for goods from retailers and vending machines through SMS (Short Message Service). According to an article in www.pcworld.com, Google engineer Ramy Dodin published the US patent titled "Text message payment." The invention – Gpay is essentially a computer-implemented method that assists in making payments. A text message from the payer is received at the computer server system, comprising a payment request containing a payment amount sent by a payer device operating independent of any server system that debits the payer account for an amount corresponding to the amount requested and crediting a payee account that is independent of the computer system. The users would be able to use the Gpay to make payments to doc

Jewelry Patent Awarded for Cellular Jewelry By USPTO

Jewelry patents obtained by Cellular Jewelry Inc., a leading provider of cellular solutions and technologies is the latest buzz in the industry according to the company.  Cellular Jewelry (TM) has been granted a U.S. patent (Patent Number 6,954,659) by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). A recent report in www.send2press.com explains that Cellular Jewelry (TM) is more of an alerting device and is known to flash when a signal is received within a distance of 3 feet from a cellular phone. The product line of this company includes Cellular Bracelets (TM), Cellular Pens (TM) and Cellular Watches (TM) and all of these lights up when they are within 3 feet from a ringing cellular device. This is a fabulous merge of technology and fashion. The Cellular Jewelry products have bright LED lights that are de

Patent Infringement Brought To View With Ericsson Suing Samsung

Patent infringement has once again raised its ugly head with Ericsson filing a lawsuit against Samsung in a Texas court, as reported in www.pcadvisor.co.uk According to Ericsson spokeswoman Kristina Hagg-Blecher, the suit charges Samsung for infringing on the mobile phone patents of Ericsson. In February, Ericsson had filed lawsuits in the UK, US, Germany and the Netherlands following the failure of both companies to agree terms for renewing the patent licenses. For patents related to many mobile phone technologies, Ericsson had initially signed a licensing deal with Samsung back in 2002. According to a spokeswoman for Samsung, the company does not make any comments on the ongoing legal issues. Ericsson and Samsung are not the only mobile companies to fight over patent license renewals; in the past, Nokia and

Advertising Systems Patented By POD Digital Promotions Revolutionizes Advertising

 POD Digital Promotions patents an advertising system in hopes of successfully penetrating target-markets through digital advertising as reported in an article in enewschannels.com.  An integration of print and visual media, the POD advertising system offers the advertisers an extra edge with a unique approach consolidating the best of experience, creativity and technology. The system is particularly designed to provide the clients maximum exposure at a limited budget. This new formula for digital promotion provides the clients with consistent exposure. Basically the POD Advertising Unit is strategically located in high-traffic zones such as shopping malls, hotel lobbies, fitness centers and eateries. The Unit consist a digital screen that plays a full-motion commercial along with

Patenting Of Marketing Systems Leads To Ground-Breaking Mass Mailing Opportunities

Patenting of marketing systems like the new mailing list selection technique of NextMark Inc. provide an extra edge to any company.  The NextMark patent was issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its system of generating highly responsive mailing lists, as mentioned in an article in www.nextmark.com.  The new invention evolves a feasible method for generating a highly targeted mailing list of potential customers. The methods are specially designed to suit the network-based prospect list services, which offer a prospect list to the direct marketers from a database over the Internet.    For those marketers using "one-size-fits-all" list for their marketing campaigns, the new technique would make it easier to find the list of people who would

Financial Transaction Patent Granted To Authernative Inc. By China Patent Office

A financial transaction security patent has been granted to Authernative Inc. by the People’s Republic of China Patent Office and this according to an article in send2press.com, has brought forth a private and secured financial transactions method. Authernative Inc. is a developer of innovative identity management technologies and user and transaction authentication. The patent has also brought for the first time a random partial PIN/password recognition algorithm for authentication of the account holder. The patent explains an increased security as well as fraud protection system that helps the financial account holders in performing safe financial transactions with or without revealing the private personal details to the merchants. The method resembles a secure transaction-processing formulation

Software Patent Granted For “Single Use Credit Card Number” to EDI Secure By USPTO

Software patents are back in news with EDI Secure LLP patenting the "Single Use Credit Card Number" through the U.S. Patent Office (US PTO) according to an article published in send2press.com . Contributing to, Mr. Jeffrey Ice, inventor of U.S. Patent #6598031 and partner of EDI Secure LLLP granted the American e-commerce community a level of security, virtually doing away with online credit card fraud on the Internet. This invention, as is believed by the US PTO will be able to keep the credit card account data details confidential and secure even from the present highly expert hackers. The Single Use Credit Card Number can be used as a safe technology extensively in the United States. The technology is also expected to open up various markets and bring in great ramifications to th