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Jewelry Patent Awarded for Cellular Jewelry By USPTO

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2e cellular jewelryJewelry patents obtained by Cellular Jewelry Inc., a leading provider of cellular solutions and technologies is the latest buzz in the industry according to the company.  Cellular Jewelry (TM) has been granted a U.S. patent (Patent Number 6,954,659) by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

A recent report in www.send2press.com explains that Cellular Jewelry (TM) is more of an alerting device and is known to flash when a signal is received within a distance of 3 feet from a cellular phone. The product line of this company includes Cellular Bracelets (TM), Cellular Pens (TM) and Cellular Watches (TM) and all of these lights up when they are within 3 feet from a ringing cellular device. This is a fabulous merge of technology and fashion.

The Cellular Jewelry products have bright LED lights that are designed to operate on TDMA, GSM and iDEN networks. As David Cadis, President at Cellular Jewelry puts it, "this patent symbolizes a notable advancement in wireless technologies". He further adds that the patent ensures public safety and also benefits consumer and enterprise applications, which are in need of new innovative technology and reliability.

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