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Florida Restaurant Alleges Trademark Infringement

Florida restaurant, C.R. Chicks brought a trademark infringement lawsuit against a Michigan Restauranteur, causing the Michigan proprietor to give up his restaurants’ name, C.R. Smokin Chicks, and go back to the drawing board in his efforts to name his restaurant, according to an article in The Detroit News. Ironically, this is only one of several names Gary Baja has turned to in his seemingly never-ending efforts to name his restaurant in a way that avoids claims of trademark infringement from others. He initially started the eatery with the name, Mother Cluckers, back in 2004.  That name was abandoned since the landlord found it distasteful.  When the restaurant’s name was changed to C.R. Smokin Chicks, Florida restaurant chain, C.R. Chicks, alleged trademark infringement. In an effort to resol

Trademark Infringement Case is High Steaks

The Nashville Post reports that Orlando Florida-based Darden Restaurants, the owner of Red Lobster and Olive Garden, is being sued for trademark infringement by Nashville-based O’Charley’s owner of the Stoney River chain.  The dispute stems over Darden Restaurant’s new concept for a steakhouse, Rocky River Grillhouse, a lodge type eatery serving grilled steaks and seafood.  O’Charley’s find this concept too similar to its Stoney River Legendary Steaks, which opened last year in Nashville’s West End. According to the lawsuit, the word ‘rocky’ is synonymous with ‘stoney,’ no to mention the fact that the decor and menu for both establishments is strikingly similar.  The first Rocky River opened in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, last November as a test location.  There

The Auger Buddy Fishing Equipment Patent Is Still Pending

If you’re an ice fisherman, the patent pending Auger Buddy may make your fishing trips easier. The inventors of the Auger Buddy have recently reached the patent pending stage for their lightweight, hand-operated sled, which transports the power auger and other ice fishing equipment across ice and snow. An article at www.pr.com touts the Auger Buddy as a hassle-free solution for carrying equipment and tackle to and from fishing holes. It’s convenient, and it also gives fisherman more time to fish and less time lugging.   You’ll see that many new inventions capitalize on convenience and work to give people more time. In this time-pressed culture, we need all the extra moments we can get.