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Trademark Infringement Lead to Eye Injury

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First Coast News reports on a Florida Intellectual Property litigation issue involving Joseph Pellegrino, a Jacksonville, Florida resident.  Several years ago, Pellegrino was at a gas station on Blanding Boulevard in Orange Country Park.  When he went inside to pay for his gas, he came across a pair of Oakley sunglasses retailing for $15, as opposed to the normal $200.

When he tried on the sunglasses, a part of the glasses shot right into his eye, damaging his cornea.  His eye bled, necessitating surgery.  Pellegrino is now at risk for eye disease.

Oakley has raided a number of stores in Florida to get rid of the counterfeit glasses.  However, they are still out there.  At one convenience store, the sunglasses retailed for only $7.99. 

Pellegrino is suing for fraud, deceptive and unfair trade, as well a negligence.  It is a crime to sell knock-offs, which  violate trademark and copyright laws.  Oakley claims it has taken more than 2.8 million pairs of counterfeit eyewear off the streets worth more than $30 million, just last year alone.  Oakley has also shut down more than 13,000 websites claiming to sell "genuine" Oakley products.

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