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Patented Garden Tool Rack Makes Gardening Easier

According to an article in www.findthatpatent.com a garden tool rack invented by Pei-Ying Lin (Taichung Hsien, TW) has obtained United States patent 7,156,242. The invention helps to store garden tools on soil when work is in progress. The garden tool rack stores the set of garden tools more conveniently. The main aim of this invention is to provide the convenience to use the set of tools easily. The rack body is fastened to earth by making use of the anchoring devices that are attached to the end caps. The tool rack comes with a hollow rack body, axial positioning structures preventing the tool holders from axial displacement relative to the rack body and tool holders plugged into respective rack body plugholes for holding garden tools. The rotary positioning structures allow the tool holder to be biased relative to the rack body wi

Patent Pending Invention EZ Holder Helps To Breathe Clean Air

Patent pending invention, EZ Holder brings about a reduction in the respiratory hazards by doing away with the release of fibers into the air while ripping and tearing fiberglass according to an article in uiausa.com. The releasing of fiber happens due to any flexible material movement and material frustration when making an effort to cut. So, EZ holder is an excellent solution for the tearing of flexible materials while making an attempt to cut. The EZ Holder design supports the knife blade longevity and prevents the damages caused to the surfaces that are being used for cutting on. Any user can safely use the EZ Holder, as the cutting blade is totally enclosed. The unit permits the most efficient productivity and it requires no attachments or accessories for operation. The lightweight EZ Holder results in low shipping

Lawn & Gardening Patent Granted For A Laser Cutting Lawn Mower

As a Fort Lauderdale, Florida patent attorney, I enjoy a green lawn throughout the year due to our mild winters.  Unfortunately, this also means year round lawn mowing and garden work.  Recently, a lawn and gardenging patent has been granted for a lawn mower with a laser cutting apparatus, as reported in an article in freepatentsonline.com. The cutting apparatus is equipped with a plurality of rotating laser beams that serves for shredding vegetation. The apparatus contains a housing with sidewalls, which are stretched perpendicularly forming a downward opening. At the center of the housing lies an electrically driven laser-cutting device. There is a transport device that can be connected to the housing to move the laser-cutting device and the housing along a surface covered by vegetation. The cutting

Tow-N-Stow Achieves Patent Pending with Transportable Storage

Mobility meets storage with Tow-N-Stow, an encapsulated trailer that converts to a storage shed when not in use. Having reached patent pending status, Tow-N-Stow is designed for convenience when you need to haul large, heavy, or bulky loads with a small vehicle, as explained in an article in www.uiausa.org. The towing features of Tow-N-Stow are concealed when it is parked and provides a great relief for hobbyists, sportsmen, or contractors who can haul payloads safely using a watertight, lockable, lightweight trailer.   A lot of innovative ideas worth patenting come from paying close attention to the needs of ourselves and our friends in the midst of daily living. Keep a notebook to keep track of needs you see that are not being met. You never know when inspiration may strike.