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Patenting a Tool Organization System

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patented ToolsAway garden toolsPatented tool and garden organizer helps keep a maximum of 17 garden tools safely in an organized manner. As reported in an article at uiausa.org it is the only "spaceonomical" tool organizer in the world and is extremely user-friendly.

ToolsAway permits you to stash securely long-handled garden tools like shovels, rakes, brooms and many more tools. The handle of a tool is inserted first into the base and this occupies not more than four feet of wall space and just one foot of floor space. The invention also allows easy and effortless retrieval of the tools.

ToolsAway prevents tools from falling and causing unwanted injuries and accidents. The user need not fear loss of tools in the tool shed or the garage with this invention. The unit also helps in keeping the tools free of rust and makes them last longer, moreover, the tools can also be conveniently cleaned with a garden hose.

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