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Florida Patent Infringement Lawsuit Filed in Southern District of Florida for $50 MIllion

The Los Angeles Bizjournal reported that Venali, Inc. has filed a suit agains J2 Global Communications, Inc. and Catch Curve, Inc. alleging violations of Federal Antitrust, trademark competitiveness, and patent laws.   Filed in the Southern District of Florida, the lawsuit alleges that Los Angeles-based J2, manufacturer of the eFax internet faxing service, engaged in illegal activity with Catch Curve, unfairly competing in the SOHO internet fax market by inflating prices for services related to internet faxing.   Also alleged in the lawsuit are claims that J2 committed fraud on the United States Patent & Trademark Office, used fraudulent and invalid patents to file patent infringement lawsuits to give competitors a hard time, and knowingly commited trademark infringement.