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Are you Screwed If Someone Patents Your Invention Before You Do?

On a hot South Florida summer night, two years ago, two inventors worked busily in their garages refining their inventions. They were very much alike, these two inventors. Both were hard-working. Both had great ideas that could benefit mankind. And both stood to profit wildly from their inventions. Recently, these two men visited a Fort Lauderdale Patent Attorney to file a patent and protect their ideas. They were still very much alike. Both had invested their life-savings in their idea. Both had perfected their designs. And both had a finished product that would sell like hotcakes on the open market. But there was a problem. For both men, patents for products just like theirs had already been applied for. While one inventor had to walk away, the other inventor took specific steps that allowed him to win the patent, ev

Inventor’s Patent Pending Technology a Deal Maker

This means that the company will bear the responsibility for manufacturing and marketing and all other costs, while the inventor stands to generate revenue for the fruits of their labor and his/her own ingenuity.

Pfizer Wins Patent Battle With China Over Viagra

Pfizer has been in a tenacious six-year battle defending its Chinese Viagra patent against twelve domestic drug companies who claim to have spent over US$12M to produce generic versions of the drug. In 2004, it looked as if the plaintiff’s would be victorious when the China State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) invalidated Pfizer’s patent, saying it lacked relevant data to support Viagra’s "specific therapeutic effect." However, Pfizer appealed and the Bejing High People’s Court has issued a final judgment of patent protection for Pfizer that will not expire until 2014. The court has informed SIPO that it must withdraw its opposition. To read the full article click here.