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ID Card to Offer Patented Security

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cardIVI Smart Technologies, Inc. has announced receipt of a patent for their "intelligent biometric identification card technology," which it will license to subsidiary e-Smart Technologies (PRNewswire-FirstCall, Nov. 5). The company reports that their engineers have worked steadily over the last three years to develop and refine their technology, hard work that has paid off with a patent that encompasses 27 separate claims.


As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, the number and breadth of claims is a critical aspect of the patent application as broad claims lend themselves to wide leverage in the marketplace. e-Smart Technologies plans to capitalize upon this, mentioning numerous categories of prospective clients for their technology, including small and large corporations, health care organizations, and government institutions among others.


Entitled "Secure Biometric Verification of Identity" (Patent No. 7,278,025), the patent covers and intelligent ID card with an on-board sensor that captures live "biometric" data and an on-board processor that includes memory for storing referencing data. e-Smart Technologies plans to utilize the patent to generate customers who need ID solutions for security and payroll purposes.

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