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Patent Pending Invention EZ Holder Helps To Breathe Clean Air

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3c ez holderPatent pending invention, EZ Holder brings about a reduction in the respiratory hazards by doing away with the release of fibers into the air while ripping and tearing fiberglass according to an article in uiausa.com. The releasing of fiber happens due to any flexible material movement and material frustration when making an effort to cut. So, EZ holder is an excellent solution for the tearing of flexible materials while making an attempt to cut.

The EZ Holder design supports the knife blade longevity and prevents the damages caused to the surfaces that are being used for cutting on.

Any user can safely use the EZ Holder, as the cutting blade is totally enclosed. The unit permits the most efficient productivity and it requires no attachments or accessories for operation. The lightweight EZ Holder results in low shipping costs and freight. The invention consists a single mold for cost efficiency in manufacturing and at the same time is very rigid to reveal durability.

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