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Patented Garden Tool Rack Makes Gardening Easier

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Garden Tool RackAccording to an article in www.findthatpatent.com a garden tool rack invented by Pei-Ying Lin (Taichung Hsien, TW) has obtained United States patent 7,156,242. The invention helps to store garden tools on soil when work is in progress. The garden tool rack stores the set of garden tools more conveniently. The main aim of this invention is to provide the convenience to use the set of tools easily. The rack body is fastened to earth by making use of the anchoring devices that are attached to the end caps.

The tool rack comes with a hollow rack body, axial positioning structures preventing the tool holders from axial displacement relative to the rack body and tool holders plugged into respective rack body plugholes for holding garden tools. The rotary positioning structures allow the tool holder to be biased relative to the rack body within a limited angle and be locked in position stopping interference of loaded garden tools with one another.

As a Florida patent attorney, I have a special interest in gardening and am blessed with a year-round gardening season.

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