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Lawn & Gardening Patent Granted For A Laser Cutting Lawn Mower

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3d lawnAs a Fort Lauderdale, Florida patent attorney, I enjoy a green lawn throughout the year due to our mild winters.  Unfortunately, this also means year round lawn mowing and garden work. 

Recently, a lawn and gardenging patent has been granted for a lawn mower with a laser cutting apparatus, as reported in an article in freepatentsonline.com.

The cutting apparatus is equipped with a plurality of rotating laser beams that serves for shredding vegetation. The apparatus contains a housing with sidewalls, which are stretched perpendicularly forming a downward opening. At the center of the housing lies an electrically driven laser-cutting device.

There is a transport device that can be connected to the housing to move the laser-cutting device and the housing along a surface covered by vegetation. The cutting device produces a laser beam, which rotates continuously at 360 degrees arc underneath the housing, with at least one laser beam being adjustable in angular direction to direct laser beams in different angles arching downwardly across the vegetation that is cut.


The speed of cutting apparatus is proportional to ground speed across the vegetation being cut. In order to cut vegetation at different heights a plurality of rotating pairs of laser beams can be produced and   angled downward distinctly at angles apart from horizontal. This offers variably cut vegetation that adds to the beauty of the lawn.

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