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Florida Trademark Applicant Seeks Rights to “KATRINA BLOWS BUSH SUCKS”

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Hurricane Katrina.jpg

Roughly two weeks after Hurricane Katrina battered South Florida, a trademark applicant in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, is seeking rights to the mark KATRINA BLOWS BUSH SUCKS.


Details of the application can be found on the Patent & Trademark Office Website. Simply click on status and enter serial number 78706886 and request status.


The Office Action has already been issued rejecting the application as being “disparaging and/or scandalous” and for bringing into contempt or disrepute the President of the United States, George W. Bush.


The applicant will be given six months within which to file a response. Should be an interesting application to follow. Not surprisingly, a dozen or so (at last count) other trademark applications have also been filed for marks containing the term KATRINA.

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