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Florida Creater of a Skateboarding Move Known as an “Ollie” Sues Disney and Sega in Broward County Circuit Court Over Use of the Word

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The Florida creater of a skateboarding move known as an “ollie” claims that he owns exclusive trademark rights to the name “ollie” and that Disney, Sega, and Ron Jon Surf Shop are infringing upon his trademark rights, according to an article in The Miami Herald.


He has retained a trademark attorney and brought suit in Broward, Florida Circuit court seeking damages of $20 million for use of the term that he claims violates his trademark in “Ollie”. Gelfand owns the skateboard park Olliewood in Hollywood, Florida.


A search of the United States Patent and Trademark Office database shows three pending trademarks by the Florida based business owner and an issued trademark to him for the mark “Ollie”.


Pending and issued trademarks can be searched for free online by utilizing the Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) at the United States Patent and Trademark Office website.

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