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Miami based Wheel Manufacturer Provides Low-End Prices for Premium Trademark Brands

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Founded in 2004 in Miami, Modular Wheels has created a new 2006 line of customized wheels for such luxury trademark names as Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Mercedes, and BMW vehicles. According to the article at businesswire.com, the average costs for custom wheels for these vehicles is usually between the $1,000 to $1,500 range. Modular Wheels has cut that down between $350 to $550, a savings of more than 50%.


This is a perfect example of the importance of trademark recognition. While it is essential to file a patent for a new invention with the United States Patent & Trademark Office, such as Modular Wheels’ three piece forged style custom wheels, it is also important to trademark the name, i.e. Modular Wheels, to build a solid business reputation that will provide name recognition associated with certain products. In this case, it is high end products for a very lucrative niche.


Anyone interested in filing a patent application for a new invention and/or registering a trademark name, should contact an intellectual property attorney to assist them with the complexities inherent in patent and trademark law.

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