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Software Patent Granted For “Single Use Credit Card Number” to EDI Secure By USPTO

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Single Use Credit Card NumberSoftware patents are back in news with EDI Secure LLP patenting the "Single Use Credit Card Number" through the U.S. Patent Office (US PTO) according to an article published in send2press.com . Contributing to, Mr. Jeffrey Ice, inventor of U.S. Patent #6598031 and partner of EDI Secure LLLP granted the American e-commerce community a level of security, virtually doing away with online credit card fraud on the Internet.

This invention, as is believed by the US PTO will be able to keep the credit card account data details confidential and secure even from the present highly expert hackers. The Single Use Credit Card Number can be used as a safe technology extensively in the United States. The technology is also expected to open up various markets and bring in great ramifications to the United States e-commerce industry.

As Ice puts it, the technology will account for their largest potential penetration in the online transaction industry. It is also scheduled to serve bank service agencies, larger banks and card companies, that wants to get their cards accepted all over the world excluding the Visa/MC logo.

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