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Advertising Systems Patented By POD Digital Promotions Revolutionizes Advertising

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POD Digital Promotions POD Digital Promotions patents an advertising system in hopes of successfully penetrating target-markets through digital advertising as reported in an article in enewschannels.com.  An integration of print and visual media, the POD advertising system offers the advertisers an extra edge with a unique approach consolidating the best of experience, creativity and technology. The system is particularly designed to provide the clients maximum exposure at a limited budget.

This new formula for digital promotion provides the clients with consistent exposure. Basically the POD Advertising Unit is strategically located in high-traffic zones such as shopping malls, hotel lobbies, fitness centers and eateries. The Unit consist a digital screen that plays a full-motion commercial along with advertiser’s full color, tri-fold brochure. Further, the advertisers can also add coupons and other incentives.

The new advertising system emerges a viable alternative to traditional advertising. Jody Torre, President, POD Digital Promotions describes that ”there is a seismic shift to newer forms of marketing. POD Digital Promotions emerges as a powerful alternative to traditional advertising, proving itself to be a highly targeted, cost-efficient, and accountable medium."

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