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Patenting Of Marketing Systems Leads To Ground-Breaking Mass Mailing Opportunities

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NextMark IncPatenting of marketing systems like the new mailing list selection technique of NextMark Inc. provide an extra edge to any company.  The NextMark patent was issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its system of generating highly responsive mailing lists, as mentioned in an article in www.nextmark.com

The new invention evolves a feasible method for generating a highly targeted mailing list of potential customers. The methods are specially designed to suit the network-based prospect list services, which offer a prospect list to the direct marketers from a database over the Internet.   

For those marketers using "one-size-fits-all" list for their marketing campaigns, the new technique would make it easier to find the list of people who would appreciate and respond to their offer. Further, Joseph Pych, the President of NextMark adds, "With rising postage rates and waning tolerance of junk mail and spam, it’s more important than ever to send your marketing promotions to recipients who welcome your offer."

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