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Health and Exercise Equipment Patent Announced For Lifespan’s Intelli-Sense(TM) Technology

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As a Florida patent attorney, I have a number of clients that innovate in the areas of health, fitness, and exercise equipment. that will find this post of interest.  LifeSpan TreadmillsAn exercise equipment patent has been issued to LifeSpan’s Intelli-Sense (TM) Automatic User Sensing Technology – incorporating unique load sensing features. The manufacturer of LifeSpan fitness equipment, PCE Health & Fitness incorporates this feature into its LifeSpan HOME series and PRO series treadmills according to a report in www.send2press.com. Intelli-Sense is an intelligent and radical technology featuring increased treadmill safety and helps in step-based programming. Intelli-Sense(TM) offers its treadmill users extra safety, without worrying about any kind of scuffle.

It detects the impact of a foot on the treadmill belt automatically, offering greater accuracy than the traditional pedometers. The Intelli-Sense(TM) shuts off the treadmill automatically in case of an   aberrant walking or running condition. The Intelli-Sense(TM) also shuts down if it gets a constant load that a cloth is jamming the treadmill’s belt or a user accidentally has tripped on the treadmill.

The Intelli-Sense technology continues to be utilized in the LifeSpan products to meet customers’ demands and enhances their exercising practices. PCE Health & Fitness recently introduced Intelli-Key (TM) interactive lighting system that escorts the users through the setup process on LifeSpan ellipticals, treadmills and exercise bikes. The amalgamation of Intelli-Key(TM) with Intelli-Sense(TM) provides an unrivaled edge in using automated and innovative technology.

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