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US Patent For A Rowing Exercise Machine With Effective Resistance Mechanism

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row bikeMark C. Termion (Winfield, IL), Zhi Lu (West Dundee, IL), Eric C. White (Streamwood, IL) and Douglas B. MacDonald (Des Plaines, IL) have emerged with a simple and effective rowing exercise machine, which has been awarded the US Patent 7,226,397 recently.

According to anarticle in www.findthatpatent.com, the rowing exercise machine has a simple effective resistance mechanism, which replaces the resistive brakes typically used in the prior art. The resistance mechanism of the machine consists a first coupling between the first and second spaced disks, which prevent rotation with the help of a resiliently deformable as well as a tensionable spiral in between. The second coupling of the device comes between one of the disks and a user handle for resisting the concordant movement of the user on a seat along a track as well as the movement of the handle.

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