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Sports Goods Patent Proves Crucial For Innovative Smartknitactive Athletic Socks

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Smartknitactive Athletic SocksSecuring sporting goods patents is an essential business strategy for SmartKnitACTIVE Athletic Socks. The socks are a great relief for athletes, helping prevention of blisters, controlling foot odor and reducing moisture as per an article released in www.send2press.com. Patented SmartKnitACTIVE socks come with one of the most innovative designs that eliminate all the damaging ridges, seams and especially blister-causing pressure points. It offers a perfectly unseamed and form-fitting design that prevents blisters.

During the performances, the athlete’s feet sweats and are damped. The moisture in the socks causes blister-causing friction, odor and bacterial infection. The SmartKnitACTIVE socks have CoolMax (R) high-tech moisture wicking fibers that help to absorb moisture and ensure that the socks are dry. Further the X-STATIC(R) SmartKnitACTIVE socks have a layer of pure silver permanently bonded to its surface, which reduces odor causing bacteria and athlete’s foot fungus.


A review from triathlon competitor Mike Swenson for SmartKnitACTIVE socks quoted "No blisters, no soreness."

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