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Patented SIDS Alert to Keep Babies Safe

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SIDS AlertKeeping babies safe is paramount for parents, and the newly patented SIDS Alert alarm is likely to assuage parental concerns over their sleeping infants. Sudden Infant Death Syndrom affects approximately 2,500 U.S. families annually, with the American Association of Pediatricians long recommending that babies sleep on their backs.

SIDS Alert makes parents aware when their infants roll onto their stomachs, consequently putting them at risk for SIDS. As described at www.send2press.com, SIDS Alert patents a two-part system including a minuature transmitter secures to baby’s diaper without causing discomfort and a small parent receiver that can be either worn using a lanyard or clipped onto a belt. It emits an alarm when babies roll onto their stomachs.

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