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Patented Baby Products – Launching of Dana Undies, Inc.

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9c dana undiesPatented Baby products is the new fashion update of children’s underwear manufacturer, Dana Undies, Inc.  According to an article in www.send2press.com, the giant manufacturer’s creation of some exclusive and patented designer wear, namely, "Umbilicare" and "Flip-Lock Closure" can now be availed by logging on www.BabiesRUs.com.

The patented Umbilicare Bodysuit has been suitably designed for the just-born babies, still attached with their roots. This special bodysuit has a cut around the umbilical cord that allows the area to dry, well-keeping the comfort of the cherubim. The Flip-Lock Closure Bodysuit, on the other hand, provides the easiest mean of dressing the baby at frequent intervals with its soft Velcro closure. The soft cotton material of the dresses makes them the must-haves for all those newborn angels. Moreover, both the outfits can be availed in three packs, accompanied with various hanging toy accessories.

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