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Baby Product Patents – The New Trend in an Old Industry

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9d steelcore strap2Baby and Infant product patents are, once again, the talk of this industrial sector.  According to a recent feature in www.send2press.com, Steelcore has inaugurated its recently patented security straps for children below the age of fourteen.

It has been observed by the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control that drowning records the second amongst most of the mishaps occurring upon kids. The recent innovation of the Steelcore includes a very tough steel-encased net material along with aircraft aluminum buckles carrying stainless steel locks that prevent children from falling victims to even minor accidents. However, the equipments of the cover straps take the minimal time for setting itself in a spa or a hot tub. Unlike any other standard spa cover it is far more durable and strong in its texture and promises the safest measure against the fatal accidents at the spas and hot baths.

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