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Patenting Products – Calmar Inc. Rescues Its Trigger Sprayers From Counterfeiting

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Calmer sprayersHousehold product patents are an important component of my practice as a Florida patent attorney.  Interestingly enough, Calmar, Inc., was involved in litigation with Magic Creations and Loomco companies regarding the use of alleged use of counterfeit products.  Both products are claimed to contravene Calmar’s trademarked TS800(TM) trigger sprayers as reported in their official website www.calmar.com. Both the companies charged with infringement have agreed to replace all their currently stocked sprayers with non-infringing products. 

Claimed by the company to be the world’s best selling trigger sprayer, TS800 is used by many consumer products companies due to its spray performance and congeniality, in addition to adaptability and outstanding design.

“Calmar products include important patented features which are critical to the performance, appearance and ease of use for our customers’ products” claims John McKernan, president of Calmar. He has expressed his satisfaction over the resolution of the legal action. He further added “we will extend our legal activity to even more diligently defend our important intellectual property, not only for Calmar but on behalf of our customers and, ultimately, the consumer”.

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