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Patented Protect24 Goes Head-to-Head with Viruses and Bacteria

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FeelSafe America, LLC brings forth the patented Protect24, a brand new weapon against infections. According to an article posted in send2press.com, the patented active ingredient of Protect24 is Quamorsil, which attacks deadly germs. The release of this invention marks the fight against germs. Protect24 is an antimicrobial hand sanitizer, which is responsible for killing both bacteria and viruses that come into its contact. The invented product is safe and recommended for family use.

Clinical research and studies prove that Quamorsil can effectively do away with viruses, like HIV, flu, polio, and herpes. Additionally, it banishes bacteria like staph, salmonella, e coli, and strep. A daily application of Protect24 coupled with occasional washing helps consumers combat infections around the clock.

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