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Fishing Equipment Patents For Fly Fishing Vests

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6d fly fishingFishing equipment patents such as the convertible fly fishing vest have considerable importance in the fishing world. According to an article in freepatentsonline.com the attributes of fly fishing patents have been carefully tailored to meet the practical requirements of sport fishing. 

The patented vest comprises a mesh panel which forms the rear part of the vest that has a removable rear panel covering the whole mesh panel. The upper edge of the rear panel has been split from the vest. Moreover, the side panel portions are detached from the vest.    

The rear panel is furled into an unfastened pocket from which it extends and an edge of the rear panel is anchored with the pocket. The rear panel in the pocket extends laterally across the rear when placed appropriately and the pocket is zippered.  As the rear panel is secured to the pocket, the entire mesh panel is exposed to offer significant increase in ventilation for the fly fishing person.

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