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Fishing Patent Awarded To Legend Ice Rods

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Croixs Legend ice rodsAs a Florida patent lawyer and avid fisherman, I enjoy following new news relating to the industry.  In this regard, a new fishing patent has been awarded to St. Croix’s Legend. The U.S. patented St. Croix’s Legend ice rods features an ultra-sensitive spring built-in indicator system as confirmed in an article in www.stcroixrods.com. The system built out of durable, high-tension stainless steel plated with 24K gold is attached to the tip top of the rod. This indicator allows the anglers to see the slightest knock or bite much in advance before it is actually felt. 

The ice rod is available in a range of five models from medium-heavy to ultra-light. In addition, there are three spring indicators – light, medium and medium-heavy. The indicators can be effortlessly interchanged by switching from light to medium to medium-heavy, etc. Each type of rod can use two different springs fitting to the styles and weights. This unique system is an important accessory that makes fishing much easier when compared to other styles of rods or spring robbers.

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