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Fishing Patent Helps Anglers To Release The Fish Without Touching

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quick-release fishhookAs an avid fisherman and Florida Patent Attorney, I am always interested in patenting news relating to the sport.  In this regard, fishing patents have provided an extra edge to the quick-release fishhook genre.   According to an article at www.freepatentsonline.com this versatile patented equipment seems to be a great asset for the anglers. It elaborates that the manageable fishhook can be operated with one hand – releasing a fish caught on the hook without exposing the hands to the hook or sharp fish teeth.

The hook’s shank portion has an interior channel connected to a slotted rear shank portion, which extends obliquely from the rear end of the forward hook shank portion. There is an U-shaped hook member having a sharp tip and locking notch, that are attached to the slot in the rear shank portion with a swivel pin displacing from the axis of the forward hook shank portion. Further, the lock rod ride is present in the interior channel, which is spring-biased rearwardly and fained in the locking notch. A distal button connected to the lock rod allows the angler to retract the lock rod from the notch. Through the rotation, the biased lock rod snaps into the locking notch to lock the hook for angling.

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