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10-Year-Old Boy Gets Patent For His “In-Tank Feeder Fish Dispenser”

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In-Tank Feeder Fish DispenserA patent has been obtained by a 10-year-old boy for his invention of a device used for dispensing live feeder-guppies to predatory fish kept in aquariums. As reported in an article in www.practical fishkeeping.co.uk, the boy, Evan Loginov was issued the patent number 7,059,270 from the US Patent and Trademark Office, for the purpose of a gadget he formulated for his school’s invention fair.

The boy’s invention, the "in-tank feeder-fish dispenser" contains the live feeder-fish in a small chamber, which at times keep dispensing them, so that the other fish could chase them around and finally eat them. The benefit of the invention is that the aquarium owner just needs to release a small door containing the small fish during the feeding time. The small fish is let out, but the big fish cannot get into the chamber to eat the other feeder fish.

Loginov disclosed, that the reason behind his invention was his father getting fed up of going out everyday, for the purpose of buying live guppies in order to feed his blood parrot cichlid.

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