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Fishing Is More Fun With Patented Fishing Lure Pouch

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fishing lure pouchAn elongated hollow fishing lure pouch has obtained the US Patent 5992082. The invention of Barefoot, Harold E. (Tipp City, OH, US) permits a fishing lure to be retained in a hollow pouch with a fishing rod and reel (when not fishing).

According to an article in www.freepatentsonline.com, the lure can be held without worrying about the potential interference of objects or persons with the fishhooks on the lure.

The lure pouch is made of a relatively flexible elastomeric material, which has a high memory retention and can be operated by squeezing the opposite ends of the pouch towards each other by opening a slit that extends lengthwise of the pouch. This slit allows the lure placing or removal from the pouch. The pouch conveniently helps the installation and the removal of the lure without having to handle the lure and the hooks physically. The pouch also covers the lure and shields it from the rods while carrying.

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