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Fishing Patent Issued For Unique Designs by Hook & Tackle

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Hook & Tackle

As a Fort lauderdale, Florida Florida patent attorney, I have secured a number of fishing patents for clients focusing on lures, tackle, and other accessories.  A recent article is of interest, however, as it discusses well known manufacturer, Hook & Tackle, and their patented fishing apparel.  

Fishing patents for Hook & Tackle’s Air/X design system were recently issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  According to an article in www.landbigfish.com, one of the prime American outfitters, Hook & Tackle is best known for its nautical authentic outdoor and sport fishing apparel. The patented fishing accessories from the company offer exclusive designs for recreational and pro fishermen. Noticeably, the company hosts a technical gear collection that is designed to offer high performance patented fishing gear and the Sportsman’s Gear collection which is best suited for after-fishing.      

According to the company, the fishing accessories of Hook & Tackle are flexibly designed to fit different water bodies -land locked fresh water lakes, streams, or open salty oceans. The light-weight sophisticated fabrics from the company are configured to accommodate some great features that includes wrinkle resistance, drying  quickly, stains repulsion and providing maximum protection from sun. The details and uniqueness of product designs is what earns several design copyrights and legal trade dress rights for Hook & Tackle.

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