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Patenting Fishing Equipment Like Modular Fly Fishing Reel Prevents Genuine Innovation

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6c.fly fishingAs a Miami patent attorney, I live less than a 90 minute drive from Islamorada in the Florida Keys-reputed to be the sportfishing capital of the world and have a special interest in fishing and fishing patents.

Patenting fishing equipment is a niche practice area of the firm and the patented quick release modular fly-fishing reel caught my attention.  As per an article at freepatentsonline.com, the patented modular fly fishing reel comes with several characterized features that make it unique. Its boasts of a changeable spool, flexible drag and a reversible clutch mechanism. The equipment invented by Robert W. Koelewyn is enclosed within a frame of sidewalls. Usually, it has a removable cylindrical axle cartridge mounted on the mounting socket of the frame side wall.

The spool has a removable hub, which is secured on the axle tube through a quick release mechanism.  The axle cartridge consists a drag assembly that is adjustable through a drag nut located close to the frame side wall. The drag is adjustable through the drag knob, which turns with the spool. Further the drag could also be adjusted through the number and type of drag washers as well as the spring present to compress the drag washers. The modular Fly fishing reel offers a genuinely well set mechanism for the anglers.

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