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UVSolutions’ Catheter Site Disinfection System Obtains Medical Equipment Patent

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UVSolutions catheter site

UVSolutions‘ catheter site disinfection system acquired a medical equipment patent recently. This system gives safe and effective protection keep patients free from infection, as reported in an article in www.send2press.com. The product developed by UVSolutions is a novel system that significantly reduces colonization of microorganisms around the catheter site and comes as a relief to catheter site infections that are the most commonly acquired infections. Infections of this type are known to affect one out of twenty patients and are responsible for more deaths than the combination of accidents and homicides.  

The disinfection system consists of a battery operated, palm-sized, germicidal ultraviolet device, which is placed over the catheter site and expels a single flash of UVC light through a proprietary dressing. The catheter site disinfection system offers an instant and painless method to prevent the buildup of microorganisms around the catheter site.

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